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Service learning at The Market of Virginia Tech

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Student volunteers at The Market of Virginia Tech participated in a service learning event in which bulk ingredients were broken down to be given to program participants. If you are a Virginia Tech undergraduate or graduate student interested in food assistance through the Market of Virginia Tech or other options, visit for more information.

So we're at the market. This is the physical market space of Virginia Tech. And today we're having a service learning event where we'll have some individuals come in. This event is going to be a spice packing event where we break down bulk spices, rice, baking spices, beans, anything that we order in bulk, and we break them down to be later distributed to our participants at the market. The biggest thing that we teach is about food insecurity, at least here. And what that really means. Because I think that's the biggest thing is that people don't understand that food insecurity is not just about being homeless and starving. Food insecurity manifests in a lot of different ways and it very heavily manifests itself on college campuses. It's a problem across college campuses all across America. I think the learning aspect is really important, especially in this particular setting dealing with food and security. I think it's more about understanding what you're doing and why you're doing it and who you're helping and the effects of what you're doing today and how they're going to carry on. And hopefully inspiring students to take that with them wherever they go next. Whether that's with us again or maybe with a different service opportunities. If you are a student who identifies as food insecure you can go through the Dean of Students website and apply. But that's the only thing you need is to be a student. There's no limit to how much someone can take home with them. We're here to provide for the needs of Virginia Tech students. And if that is something that you want to help participate in, or maybe benefit from this, then yes, please come because there's absolutely no shame and nothing wrong with asking for help. It's even better to know that you want to help.