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Meet the New Virginia Seafood AREC

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The newly constructed Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center builds upon a decades-old commitment to support the future of the historic seafood industry — in Virginia and beyond. The new facility in Hampton will advance the center's work with industry and research partners to respond to emerging needs and provide technical guidance to stakeholders in every level of the seafood supply chain.
The Virginia seafood day rep has been here since 1975 and is really here to serve Virginia seafood industry. We worked with fisheries sectors, agriculture sectors processing, consumer education, marketing, food quality and safety. And these have all been kind of pillar program since 1975. And we've done all that at one or two South King Street until this year when we've moved into the new Virginia see today rec, which is approximately twice the size. The Old a wreck would flood on a very regular basis, which would flood the front office are aquaculture research facilities or microbiology lab, which supports the industry. And so this new building is elevated on pillars. So we are approximately 15 feet above the flood zones, so fingers crossed. We will never ever ever flooding in Hampton is called crab town and is probably the origin of Virginia seafood industry. We have one of the largest east coast seafood distributors right by me at Amory seafood and directly on the other side of our building is Graham and Rawlings seafood, one of the largest remaining crab processing facilities in Virginia. So literally we are right in the middle of some of the most significant seafood companies and aspects in Virginia. In the new a wreck, we have significantly upgraded facilities and some new facilities. We service industry in many ways. One is simply in technical assistance, will help them keep in regulatory compliance, will help make su