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What's Your Science? - Camille Bridgewater

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Category: academics Video duration: What's Your Science? - Camille Bridgewater
Camille discusses her studies in environmental science and chemistry and her research in artificial photosynthesis.
My name is Camille Bridgewater. I'm a sophomore, chemistry and physics double major. And the reason I chose chemistry it was because I was very interested in environmental science in high school, but I didn't want to just solely do environmental science because so I did a bunch of research and I found that you could do environmental science with chemistry. And so in my research, I currently work in an inorganic and energy science lab where my project is about artificial photosynthesis. So I'm trying to take chemicals and make them absorb light so that we can use it as a renewable energy source. It's kinda like a solar panel in a way, where you would set it out in the sun and then it'll absorb light and then it would transfer that energy into whatever you need.