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Terelle Cadd: Keep Dreaming Big

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Terelle Cadd is the 2022 College of Engineering's Outstanding Senior. As a transfer student, Terelle came to appreciate the strong community at Virginia Tech. He landed multiple internships with NASA during his undergrad and plans to come back to Virginia Tech to start his doctorate degree in the fall of 2022. 
My name is stroke and I'm from Virginia and I actually came here through a transfer program that Virginia Tech, as with local community colleges, my experience here is much shorter than most, but I will say that is everything that I expect them to be more because when I initially came here, I was pretty nervous. Conference unity to college your first classes or 10 to 20 people. And in my first class here was insert era, had a 100 plus. So he feels like you're dropped in this pool of people that you have no idea who anybody is. But the thing that really helped me was the fact that this community is extremely lucky. When I got here, I quickly found that everybody here will help you out. Here in the College of Engineering for averaging. In fact, I feel like it's changed my perspective on things and what engineers about. Because when I originally got into engineering, I knew that I wanted to change the world for the better. And I thought that that was solely done through just advancing technology, but through the professors that I met, the mentors that I've met, even other students I've been taught that changing the world for the better isn't necessarily done just through advanced technology, through inspiring, guiding others, and really bringing out the best in people. My message to the class of 2022 would be to keep dreaming big. It can be easy to lose that ambitious mindset that got you into engineering in the first place. Bu