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Horticulture Club and Hahn Horticulture Garden Spring Plant Sale

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Category: campus experience Video duration: Horticulture Club and Hahn Horticulture Garden Spring Plant Sale
Learn about the annual spring plant sale and the impact it has.
This spring plant cell is put on every year in April and it runs for three days every spring. This plan sale is the biggest fundraiser for the horticulture club next year. And we love getting to go out into the Blacksburg area and share plants with everybody else. The impacts the sale has on the horticulture cub is it provides the scholarships that we give to our students that every year. And those volunteer to do the clam, they put in hours, and those hours get rewarded by scholarships at the end of every year. So the plant sale is a fundraiser for the horticulture horticulture garden. Both groups take the revenues from what they raise that the sale and the horse club, he uses it for scholarships and student events in the garden. Use this for daily operations. So the goal for the plant sale is two-fold. One is to raise money for the horticulture glove and the horticulture garden. The other thing is for these students to gain some experience in running a big event like this, coordinating plants, placing orders, working with the public. It's a great hands-on learning experience for our students. So the thing we're most excited about for the plant cell is getting to spend some time with the public. There's people that we see every year that come with the planned sales. So we always like to see what people are buying, help them find the right plants for their properties, and just chit-chat with people and get to know them.