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Real students and alum share stories of when they felt scared or lost and asked for help from various resources on campus. 
One of the first people in my family to go to college. I thought that I had to do like I had to navigate college. I think I kind of went through life previously thinking my struggles were my own and I shouldn't have to reach out like I can overcome them myself. Jeff's course, Saul's taking died, had no clue what was going on. Then I will just more I was afraid to speak up and ask for help for those around me. From those around me. I think I didn't really realize that I needed to help when I did, my friend texts me and he's like, Hey, I'm really worried about you. I want you to go to counseling. I'm I'm so grateful she did because I personally would not have made that calm. What helped me overcome the challenge of reaching out to GitHub was seeing that other people were struggling too, and that they were able to reach out and get the help that they need. There are so many resources at Virginia Tech days okay. For help. Like it's not a sign of weakness in Frankenstein, Australia, I realized that asking for help is a famous strange that you want to cram. Thankfully, part of that's due on on Rassa was requiring me to meet with somebody and hokey wellness. I didn't really realize the stress as difficulty that I was going through until I was there. Actually, utilizing the RAs was something that was really important for me because I didn't know where to turn to you. The greatest resource that you have at your disposal, especially if you're into core as well or the people around you. But just always know that they're here to help you genuinely like people want you to ask for help. That's why you have all these resources on campus. Use a tiered ban and go seek out those resources because they're there and this wonderful people in a lot of different places, university that are there to help you.