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Introducing Virginia Tech's First Sister 2 Sister Exchange Program Participants

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When Hamdah Munir and Midhat Urooj came to Virginia Tech from their universities in Pakistan during the summer, the Sister 2 Sister Exchange Program participants knew they wanted to finish their degrees in mechanical and computer engineering respectively. But they also understood taking courses in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, a program partner, would round out their Blacksburg experience in unexpected ways. As first-time visitors to the U.S. and the only Sisiter 2 Sister participants to travel abroad and participate in on-campus activities in 2021, instead of virtually, both are returning home, having learned the value of studying internationally. 

Hi, I'm I'm a foreign exchange student here to United States under the SR disaster exchange program. Hello, it's me that route. And here I'm taking two courses, dr. Engineering goals and public speaking goals and the experience overall here is really overwhelming. And it taught me so much like I you just meet, meet our new version of myself. It it increases multiple of skills, like it helped me to be more expressive and it made me more disciplined, confident. It increased my good qualities in terms of communication skills. I am a rising junior Mechanical Engineering Major back home. And right now I'm taking two courses here. One of them is a global ethics class with Professor Jerry for cat. Okay, I think, okay, So that class, I think I loved that class because about open it is and how it's kind of like a safe space to talk about anything, be it provocative or anything, because no matter what the argument is, no matter what everybody's talking about it, you just come together as a group in the end. I'm loving both my classes and my time here at Blacksburg.