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Calling all mini pig parents!

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The popularity of pet pigs is on the rise, and we want to be sure these porky pals are living their best lives. However, there are currently no objective survey tools to measure quality of life (QOL) in pet mini pigs. Our new study seeks to create a standard QOL instrument that can be used for companion mini pigs. 

For this study, we’re recruiting healthy pet mini pigs aged 1 year or older. The study involves a single wellness visit, during which the owner will complete survey questions about their pig’s quality of life. Participants will receive a $100 discount off the cost of their appointment. The cost of any additional non-study treatments or diagnostic procedures undertaken for your pig during the visit are not covered by the study. 
To schedule your pet piggie patient, call 540-231-1363 or email:

For cats and dogs, standardized quality of life assessments have been developed to help owners and veterinarians work together to maintain their pet's health. But for many pigs, there is currently no standard assessment to help optimize companion many PID quality of life. The College of Veterinary Medicine is launching a new study to establish a quality of life assessment. Several mini pigs and their owners will be needed over the next six months to help create a guide that all owners will be able to refer to and use to help. There are many pigs lead happy lives. This study will take place during a routine wellness visit. Our veterinary faculty and staff will weigh and assess each pig. As part of the study, owners will then be asked their opinions about the indicators and there are many pigs quality of life. Participating owners will receive a $100 discount off the cost of their visit. We're optimistic that this study will improve veterinarian owner communication. And how many pigs live their best lives.