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Alum looking forward to a larger network of Hokies in the D.C. metro area

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Category: academics Video duration: Alum looking forward to a larger network of Hokies in the D.C. metro area
Tommy Amal, Master of Science 2008, shares how he stays connected with other Hokies in the D.C. metro area and his expectations for the Innovation Campus .
Hello, I'm Tommy Amal I'm a Hokie alum and I live in the DC area. I came up here after working at Virginia Tech for several years, and doing my grad work, really to go into the non-profit sector, to be able to be around a more diverse group of people and to enjoy meeting the things that the big city kinda provides. I'm originally from Chicago. So I love being able to eat all different kinds of food, you know, going to different sporting events and just being able to enjoy just the hustle and bustle of being in the city. I love being a Hokie. You see, I'm an Illinois alum, so this is my second school, but when you talk about the Hokie nation, I've met Hokies all over the world. Craziest experience; I was on a plane in Iceland, and it was four Hokies on a plane, one plane. The only way we knew each other was because I had my Hokie t-shirt on. Right. But, I love the Hokie nation. I love being a part of this community, they all loved the experience, and they love just what we stand for, which is Ut Prosim. As a new Hokie, I would recommend joining the DC Hokie Alumni Association. I would say go to as many of those events as possible. Not just for the social piece, right, but to network, to meet folks that are influential in our community. For me, I also got involved with what's called the Black Alumni Reunion. So just meeting different kind of people with similar interests and be enabled to talk about my times at Virginia Tech, but being able to really, really network and figure out what it is to be living in DC and the DC metro area. All of us in the DMV are excited about the Innovation Campus coming to town. I personally, I live a couple blocks away from the campus and I'm excited to see the growth, which is professionals come into the area, with students come into the area. And quite frankly, I'm looking forward to see, seeing more Hokies in the area and seeing more VT flags, stickers, all of those things. I think when it comes to the Innovation Campus and bring in like that nexus of industry, research, government see I work in the non-profit sector so it's really exciting to see all of those opportunities coming into my community and just hope for the best. I hope to be as involved as I can be and I hope to see all of you do the same. Go Hokies!