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Sara Hooshangi, director of Master of Engineering in the computer science department, speaks on the faculty and flexibility of the Master of Engineering program.
Hi, my name is Sarah Hooshangi I'm a faculty member in the Computer Science Department and the Director of Master of Engineering in Computer Science and applications. We have an outstanding group of faculty in our department who work on cutting edge research, solving real-world problems, and teaching the next generation of pioneers and innovators in the technology field. Our faculty help solve some of our nation's most pressing challenges from national security, to public health, to human computer collaboration. Our master of engineering program will help graduates secure jobs in some of the most exciting technology fields. Such as computer engineering, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cyber security. This degree will expand the career opportunities of the graduate and prepare them for mid-level or advanced industry position. The flexibility of the program will allow students to complete their degrees on their own pace, the progress can be completed full-time in as little as three semesters or part-time over a span of a few years. Are you ready to compute your future? If so, please join us this fall to start your adventure.