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JW Lee reflects on her time as a Hokie before graduation

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Category: academics Video duration: JW Lee reflects on her time as a Hokie before graduation
Senior Jiayi "JW" Lee credits Virginia Tech and the Department of Computer Science for providing "unique and precious experiences" to grow into her new role as a software engineer for the Microsoft Cloud + AI Team.
Computer science is really a way to express your creativity through coding and designing and programming. And I think that's so fascinating. If you have a computer, if you have a laptop, if you have something that you can cope with, you can create things from nothing you can do face, no one has done before, and iPhones are so amazing. So I was a freshman. I took my first computer science class. I didn't really know much about it. I just wanted to experiment with other engineering discipline. And the class was CS101 14, software design and data structure with Professor Mark where Elis and what Professor I listed as she really demonstrate me what a strong independent woman is lacking today's society. She's not only a teacher to me, she's not only a research lead to me, she's also a mentor to me. I'm graduating in December and I will be a full-time software engineer working for Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. So the reason why I'm going into Microsoft for full-time job afterwards is because I landed an internship with some last summer. And how I got an internship is thorough interview from CS career fair in the fall. So today as a senior in computer science, I am super proud to tell others. Sad. I'm from Virginia Tech and they're like, wow, we're genotype, have a religious yes for them. So i'm, I'm proud to be part of computer science. And I do hope in the future, maybe 20, 40 years later, I can't achieve enough for CS de