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Brewing Class Offers Hands On Experience While Adapting To COVID 19 Protocols

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Category: academics Video duration: Brewing Class Offers Hands On Experience While Adapting To COVID 19 Protocols
Students in the Applied Malting and Brewing class get an all-encompassing look at the application of their Food Science and Technology majors during this hands-on class while adopting several new methods to keep the class safe during COVID-19.   
So we're in the HAB 1 building and we are making beer today for the Applied Malting and Brewing class. In this class, we're able to actually design and brew beers. And so they see the entire process of brewing. The nice thing about this and the neat thing about it, I think, students in the second half of the semester, after they've had some experience with this, get to design their own beer. And the beer we're making today is a dunkelweizen students designed the entire thing themselves and then the get to brew it. So in about two weeks we'll get to taste it, and hopefully it's going to be something that we're going to be proud of. For the COVID protocol we have one student that actually does the brewing at a time and we're following them with a GoPro camera. The Gopro is then hooked up to our 65 inch monitor through its own application, so we could take - we could see the entire operations and follows the student along. Nice thing about the GoPro is we can put it on a, on a stick, can be six feet away. So that helps a lot. It's hard to get all those students, even in a normal time around to be able to see what's going on. So this is going to be helpful even after we can relax the protocol. So with this Applied Malting and Brewing class it's all encompassing with food science its incorporating a lot of food chemistry when we're talking about water chemistry, it's talking about food processing, and the sanitation and the cleaning aspects as well it's about the food analysis and understanding the breakdown of each different ingredient that we're incorporating within the brew. And it's really incorporating a lot of different classes that we've taken in previous years and bringing it all together for one really hands on class. It's very amazing, I love it.