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Joe Griffitts and Hokie Passport Services Recognized With Governor's Award

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Category: campus experience Video duration: Joe Griffitts and Hokie Passport Services Recognized With Governor's Award
Joe Griffitts, Director of Hokie Passport Services, was recently awarded a Governor's Award recognizing their outstanding work in creative customer service.  
Joe is an embodiment of the impro, some motto that I might serve is really dedicated to providing excellent customer service and to making continuous improvements in both. Those are really important. In the job that he has. Hockey passport auxiliary, that's the operation that he runs. And he and his team are responsible for providing the authentic university ID, donkey passport ID. So through various innovations over time, he keeps making improvements. There's now a phone app you can use if you get locked out of your dorm, you got your phone with you. That was a huge improvement. The students really appreciate that. And then also they added apps where you can pay for your laundry. And it also monitors the progress you're you're washing and drying cycles so that you don't have to sit there next to the machine. It sends a little messages okay. Rushes down now SEM and there's a dry are available and it's, it's really amazing stuff. He's also sensitive to gender and diversity issues. And so he led the charge to have an all gender bathroom installed in the building. The students are. And that dot where his team works. And so that was very well received and responsive to the needs of the people that worked in the building. So I'm not only easy embracing technology, but he's sensitive and responsive to the human elements. They are job as well. And I think that resonates with the parents and students and faculty works well. I'm truly grateful to be the recipient of t