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A Guide To Double Masking

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As more contagious variants of the Sars-COV-2 virus continue to spread there is a need to upgrade your mask-wearing habits. Dr. Linsey Marr answers questions about how best to protect yourself and others by double masking.   
Vaccines are on the way, but we also have new variants and strains of a coronavirus that transmit much more easily. And so we really need to be vigilant about all of the precautions were following, including improving our masks. So what we can do is if you're using a simple plot mass, if you will. Of those, you can layer them on top of each other. They might be 50% effective by themselves, but when you combine them together, you can get up to 75% efficiency. The best way is probably to take a surgical type mask, one that preferably as ASTM certified because it acts as a really good filter. But because existed were flat rectangle doesn't usually fit well to our faces. There's gaps on the sides. And what you can do is then layer a cloche mass over that and tight cloth mass to help hold down your surgical mask. That'll help eliminate gaps and reduce weeks around the side. This way you get good filtration and then a good fit. The surgical mask, the blue rectangle type, can vary widely in their ability to filter out particles. One study found that they vary by a factor of 50 among different types. So what you should really walk bar is one that is ASTM certified. It'll save out on the outside of the box or the package of aligners. Good, level 23 are even better. Reuse your mass as long as you don't see that they're becoming dirty or afraid. Certainly with clock mass, I would wash those at least every few days because they can get kind of gross. But the non-woven polypropylene material that makes up surgical masks and 95 is pretty tough and that'll last longer than a straps on those, those types of mass will last. So really it's just a matter of keeping it clean, avoiding touching the surface of it. And, you know, if you're worried about virus being on there when you're storing it, you can put it in a paper bag or even better yet, put it out in the sun goes sunlight will kill off any virus within an hour.