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Engineering Group Brings Life to Cassell Coliseum Cutouts

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Category: academics Video duration: Engineering Group Brings Life to Cassell Coliseum Cutouts
Members of Virginia Tech's ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) group worked on a project automating the movement of the fan cutouts in Cassell Coliseum to mimic the experience of having fans in the stands.  
College basketball posters in the atmosphere at it. But how about the mechanical engineering for white canvas? Regarding Virginia Tech to be an engineer, you're pretty smart. They have rigged to the cart, worked out. Just start racket with Virginia Tech gets on. Iran are working on the third row is awesome. So an alum actually reached out to us and gave us the idea for the project. So we got in touch with somebody at the key athletics on the entire idea for the project was simply to kind of actual band kinda us to give them a little bit of movement. So that'd be a bit more of a fun atmosphere inside the gas. Basically, we constructed some mechanisms that one paper cutouts and just move for that. We just got some 12-volt keep cycle marine batteries that put out a lot and powers so that we can power through the interrogate. Basically, there's a simple DC motor that just involves a shaft, one direction attached to that. Here's a crank arm, which is then attached to a coupler, which then attaches to the router. So altogether, once as the current goes around, oppose the coupler back and forth, which then rocks the entire thing. And we really wanted to imitate kind of bands being there and move it around. I mean, it's also right behind the baskets, so it's the castle guards section. So that way it will distract the other team. Mascot. Yeah, hopefully. Yeah. So yeah, wasn't so one person effort. There had to be electrical and mechanical aspect. So even though we're all mechanical engineers, we had different backgrounds and different experiences as well. So we did take some experiences from each individual and then combine it together. It's definitely nice to be able to take something out of the classroom and apply it to real-life. Especially since you know any type of project that you work on hands-on, we're going to make a lot of mistakes along the way and simply reading it from the book. This is what the estimated 19. When I hold down the design team, I didn't have any experience either. That's why we have to give back that people who don't have any kind of he can learn from the earth Design and gone. I think honestly if more than anything it says like we'll turn out. But in terms of like the engineering department here, I think that we definitely have a lot of really smart people, everyone on my team, it's really talented. And they definitely contributed a lot to the ideas and making things better, improving the projects. So I'm really grateful to them.