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Project Develops 3D Technology For Veterinary Education

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Category: academics Video duration: Project Develops 3D Technology For Veterinary Education
The ARIES (Applied Research in Immersive Environments and Simulations) program in University Libraries meets remotely to continue their work in developing 3D models of animal anatomy in collaboration with VetMed students and faculty. 
And with the whole point of this project is because textbooks are 2D, cadavers are super expensive and generally can be pretty well damaged. So we're right now starting with this simple "this is what the anatomy is." We're giving you the information on the basics of what everything is, where it's all located. And then we'll further expand on this by, you know, adding quiz or more information, more functionality and so on. So we're hoping to make this as useful as possible within the academic setting. All the students have been looking at different vet-med books. I myself have ordered a couple from the library that I've checked out on bovine anatomy. We've gone into the actual vet school and have looked at the models, and when we were looking at the bovine, we did go in and do photogrammetry of some of the different organs, actually handle the cadaver organs. So while we may not have the formal training, we still have all the resources that are necessary to make this a solid educational program. Like you guys were talking about earlier, I've seen human organs in biology class on charts and learned about stuff like that. But I've never really put it to good use, I guess, more you just learned it then regurgitated it for a test. So just being able to kind of work with this area of study and apply my level working and how I usually do things to something that's completely different to what I'd ever see. The aspect of getting that kind of learning experience