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Innovation Campus program attracts students from array of backgrounds

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Category: academics Video duration: Innovation Campus program attracts students from array of backgrounds
Meet four members of the first Virginia Tech Innovation Campus class. Their backgrounds vary, but they share a common goal: earning a master’s degree that will quickly advance their careers. They also illustrate some of the student pathways Virginia Tech strives to create and nurture as part of its commitment to the state’s Tech Talent Investment Program.
My name is Grace Knudsen and I am a Master's in Engineering student of computer science at Virginia Tech. Corona was just starting up right then. And I was like, I think this is a perfect time to go into a master's program. So I'd actually heard about Virginia Tech before, like being a good school and having a really good computer science department. And I applied to a few different programs and I got into Virginia Tech and I was like I was looking into the professors and just the school in general. I was like, man, this looks awesome. I want to do this. First of all, I kind of like institutions that try to make education more accessible, especially for people who are already working. I really liked that aspect of Virginia Tech's Innovation Campus. It was geared toward people who are already in industry and it was giving them really, really tangible skills to maybe do a career change or just pick up something that would make them more marketable. So I felt like Virginia Tech had a great program that was a great fit for me. If I'm, if I'm being honest, I pursued this degree because I felt like there was a lot more learning for me. I felt I didn't have enough during my undergrad experience. I wanted that more of those classes, more of that learning, being able to just spend an extra year doing a couple, maybe eight more classes, and then coming out with another degree on top of that was more benefits, on top of already being able to learn so much more. And I was