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Dome offers alternative learning space during COVID-19

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Category: academics Video duration: Dome offers alternative learning space during COVID-19
The College of Architecture and Urban Studies set up a 2,900 square foot geodesic dome in between Cowgill and Bishop-Favrao Halls for use of students and faculty for exhibitions, pin-ups, and small gatherings. As part of the college's COVID-19 response plan, this dome will take the place of several important spaces in Cowgill Hall that are now occupied by socially distanced studio desks. 
We are in that crucial moment because of Kobe 90 in the position of the College of Architecture and node one studies is through architecture, through design towards experiential learning. How can we bring the teaching spaces that our faculty and students need? And here we are today and 20-20, using a dorm as the more sustainable approach towards this structure. So it's an asset in another, in a way that this space, you can be at teaching space. It's a space in which we can do exhibition design. We're going to show the research we're doing. You can host pin-ups on this view that in fact what, you can show their war inside the dome. But there's enough for, I sound like actually testing out the space and I really like very lengthy thing, your work for you this year in a different light and different angles like I've never had my work in a dome before. So it's kind of like interesting seeing how my work changes based on this case at stranger. I think especially in architecture, whether anything like the soul of our major and being able to work with people that I really, especially me like thrive off of being able to interact with people and they have the critiques constantly, I think having right, holy space that's newer. Everyone in the building, I guess refreshing for everyone. It's 3 thousand square feet. The space with natural live cross ventilation in a way that 25 people can be inside. In this covert action plan, the social distancing is right. People are wearing a mask. So we get the best out of doors, but protected from snow, rain, outdoor conditions. Design and architecture are really driving forces to fight to be active against probably 19. We don't want to be passive, unexplained experiential learning. Teach us how to do it. They're learning curve of these students is really high. And the college has become their home in a critical moment in their life.