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Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year, Negin Forouzesh

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Category: academics Video duration: Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year, Negin Forouzesh
Negin Forouzesh, Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year in the College of Engineering, discusses her time at Virginia Tech.

[00:00:00] >> Hello my name is Negin Forouzesh, I am a PhD candidate in computer science at Virginia Tech and the recipient of the graduate student of the year award in 2019-2020. After receiving my master's degree I decided to further my graduate studies in the prestigious research university. Virginia Tech was my choice firstly because of its expert faculty, great research projects, and endless resources. [00:00:28] I've been an active member of the Iranian Society at Virginia Tech a computer science graduate since my arrival. Social service was my favorite part for me at Virginia Tech, which turned out to be aligned with the university's motto That I May Serve. I'm honored to receive this award. [00:00:48] I'm proud to be a member of the Virginia Tech community where service contribution is recognized as well as scholarship achievement. This is the best take-away from my PhD journey that I could ever ask for.