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What's your Science? - Shelly Worek

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Category: culture Video duration: What's your Science? - Shelly Worek
Shelly Worek talks about why she studies geoscience. #whatsyourscience
[00:00:00] >> Hi, my name is Shelly Worek and my science is geosciences. So I chose science because I love learning about the planet and I love to study Earth processes. One of the great things about geosciences is we take all of the natural sciences, so we study chemistry, biology, physics, calculus, we take all of these, integrate them and apply them to the natural world to learn about the planet. [00:00:19] And so I have loved this because I've gotten to go abroad to Switzerland to study the Alps and how they formed and study the glaciers there which actually sparked my interest in glaciology just what I'm looking into for grad school.