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VT Engage Peru Immersion Trip

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This summer, travel to Peru and immerse yourself in a powerful learning and service experience. Work alongside nonprofits and local communities in Peru with other students. Join us, and broaden your horizons with this unique global service-learning trip! Learn more on the VT Engage website. 

[00:00:00] >> Next summer, immerse yourself in a powerful experience. Join other students as you travel by boat and foot across the amazing country of Peru. Learn about the importance of conserving Amazon with ARCAmazon, explore the historic region of Cusco, and visit the famed citadel of the great empire Inca empire, Machu Picchu. [00:00:21] Culminate your three-week journey by climbing to the high Andes and partnering alongside Llipin Yahuar to empower the women and children of Andean communities through health, education, and nutritional programs. Over three weeks, you'll work alongside nonprofits, visit historic Incan sites, and connect with new people. Curious to hear more? [00:00:43] Listen to what past participants have to say about this trip. An absolutely excellent time, and that combined with my interest in the Amazon rainforest, and interest in Peru itself and all things foreign really simulated a lot of interest in this trip for me. Just because you really get a feel of how big the rainforest is and how many different plants and species there are within it. [00:01:10] You can see the difference between the impacted forest and the deforestation happening along the other side, so you could compare just by looking side to side how big an impact humans actually have. If we don't stop destroying the rain forest there's going to be nothing left. The trees that people are cutting down are about 700 years old or older and so cutting that down has such a big impact. [00:01:39