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Miss Virginia's demonstration at Virginia Tech Science Festival

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Miss Virginia 2019, Camille Schrier, a 2018 Virginia Tech graduate in both systems biology and biochemistry, talks about her journey to becoming Miss Virginia and her goals for inspiring young people and girls into science fields. She showcases a miniature version of her "elephant's toothpaste" experiment from the Miss Virginia talent competition.
[00:00:00] >> Phyllis Newbill: Aren't they wonderful?! [audience applause] So at this point the judges are going to be excused to come backstage and deliberate a bit. I'm Phyllis Newbill. I'm glad you all are here I am the director of the Virginia Tech Science Festival and I hope you had a great day today at the festival, did you have a good time? [00:00:24] [cheering and applause] Good. Wonderful, so what we have next, I'm super super excited about this, so while the judges are deliberating you may not know this, but, this year in the Miss Virginia pageant. People did their talent as usual. They did all kinds of talents: there was singing and dancing and playing piano as usual. [00:00:50] And then one person got up and said: "I'm going to do something different. I'm going to do a science demonstration" and she rocked it and she won. So next up, we have Miss Virginia who is Miss Camille Schrier. She is also, coincidentally, and not surprisingly, a Virginia Tech graduate. [00:01:10] So yes "go Hokies". In 2018 she graduated from Virginia Tech in systems biology and biochemistry. And in 2019, she competed in the Miss Virginia pageant, won that thing, and so we have this wonderful opportunity tonight for her to recreate the presentation that she gave to win Miss Virginia. [00:01:35] She will compete in the Miss America pageant in one month, yes in one month, in one month so