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VTCSOM Class of 2023 White Coat Ceremony

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The 43 members of the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine's Class of 2022 received their white coats during the annual White Coat Ceremony on Oct. 18th. While most medical schools across the country hold white coat ceremonies, which are intended to ensure students understand the expectations and responsibilities of the profession, many hold their ceremonies on the first day of class or within the first week.The Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine wanted to ensure the ceremony was not just a photo op, but that the white coat must be earned. So the ceremony is held after the first block of study.

[00:00:08] >> It's my great pleasure to welcome everyone to the white coat ceremony of the burgeoning tech brilliance for the medicine of the class of 2023 and. It was the goal of our leadership team that the white coats ceremony would not merely be a Celebrate Tory event or a photo op we hope to convey the significance of what wearing a white coat means to our patients and the community. [00:00:31] In the ceremony the white coat becomes not only a rite of passage but also a symbol of the profession itself so as you have your freshly iron thank you jelly pristine white coats placed on your backs made this not only serve to remind you of the next step in your journey to becoming an m.d. but also as a reminder of our responsibility to the health of our patients that. [00:00:56] We will adapt well to the unfamiliar by being more mindful of those around us we will up all humanity as essential tenet of our profession together we will bring out the best and one another and ourselves. Into such a privilege and it's never a burden and the minute the White goes on it's not about you it's about the wonderful people but you're about to change the wonderful stories you're going to hear you're going to walk through our eye on the bench as if you're going to deliver good news some days you're not going to be quite so fine but you're going to get a chance to partner with people in ways that are a true adventure but just not everybody gets a chance to do. [00:01:40] Ladies and gentlemen the v t c s one class of 2023. Absolutely.