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3D Imaging brings insect collection to light

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Category: research Video duration: 3D Imaging brings insect collection to light
Digital imaging is vital for the University Libraries. It provides a way to make Virginia Tech's collections of interesting materials, like insects,  available to students, researchers, and the community. 

While currently partnering with the entomology department to scan an insect collection, the University Libraries' digital imaging team hopes to expand its work to other unique collections in partnership with other areas across campus.  

[00:00:00] >> The University Libraries at Virginia Tech manage information for the entire university in support of research and instruction. So a successful 21st century library needs to be able to manage all kinds of content, not just books and journals. So we've been trying to build up our 3D imaging operations for the last 2 years or so, and the next steps are to have a better sense of what the educational outcomes are in working with 3D images. [00:00:26] Digital imaging is vital for the University Libraries. It provides a way for the public to access all these collections of interesting materials, and insects, and documents that wouldn't otherwise be available. And making them accessible to the general public is a really big part of our mission here. We are currently scanning a small collection for the entomology department and we hope to continue going through their collection. [00:00:52] So there's lots of things about how the insects are shaped that you're able to see in much greater detail through these 3D models than you would by looking at a specimen in a pin in a box. And we are completely open to gathering all of the objects that are hidden away in Tech's collections, and finding ways to make them accessible to the public. [00:01:12] Looking forward, we're hoping to expand the collections and expand access to the collections but also expand outreach. So we want to work with Hokie Bug Fest and Virginia Tech Science Festival this fall, and also work with area public s