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Exploring agriculture in South Africa

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Category: academics Video duration: Exploring agriculture in South Africa

Follow a group of students through South Africa as they learn about agriculture, conservation, and wildlife management during a winter term abroad

[00:00:01] >> Studying abroad really opened my eyes of how different the world is. I'd not traveled abroad, not studied any other areas so I was unsure what to expect I didn't know how different it was going to be and it made me realize like how crazy and how marvelous the world is, what it has to offer and whether it's people whether it’s geography. [00:00:22] The sights we saw in South Africa are some of the most spectacular things I've seen in my life and I didn't realize like how different it was going to be. Visiting the mango banana wheat fields you got to see how it affected the population and how the society incorporate the workers so you got to see what type of people worked In those fields and then you got to see who reap the benefits and then you got to see how important agriculture was to South Africa. [00:00:53] When we first pulled into Kruger it was kind of mind blowing because we stopped and we saw zebra, we saw a giraffe and we saw an elephant and we spent 30 minutes an hour just taking pictures of these few animals and as the trip went on you would see more of these animals and even though these are animals none of us have ever seen in our life it just kind of become surreal you just pass them and you’re like it’s another elephant it's another zebra but it’s still an incredible experience that it's kind of crazy that became a casual experience seeing a zebra. [00:01:24] One morning we were in Kruger and me and Kyle Erickson woke up and we just were walki