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How Tech Ticks: The art behind the exhibit

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Hear from Margo Crutchfield, Curator at Large for Moss Arts Center, speak about the process and details of installing an art exhibition. "Arboreal," the current exhibition which explores the imagery of trees as a potent signifier, will be on display in the Moss galleries through March 23rd, 2019.
[00:00:00] >> They're all so exciting to me. I wouldn't be doing them otherwise. I've worked with amazing artists that live here, that have been unknown, I work with some of the most famous artists in the world, and to, like say well which one... It's impossible. I couldn't do it. [00:00:16] I love every part of it. The research is always fascinating because that's where you are learning. That's where you're exploring. That's where you are finding art here, art around the world, and you're being exposed to a world of ideas. Then, when you meet the artists and explore the work, you're meeting these extraordinary individuals whose vision is so unusual and who are able to transform that into objects that teach us something, that give us pleasure, that engage us visually but also intellectually. [00:00:54] But then I love painting the walls or working with our crew and organizing nuts and bolts. When you have to decide okay, do you paint this wall grey or do you paint it red, what do you do about the labels, where the works of art are positioned in terms of making them look as powerful as you can make them look. [00:01:13] All those kinds of small decisions are very important and interesting but it's always interesting. Even the boring stuff is interesting.