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Virginia Tech Experts is a new searchable profile system where researchers, scholars, and educators with a Virginia Tech Elements account can choose to provide a public-facing view of their scholarly and creative works, research interests, teaching, professional activities, and more. Visit Virginia Tech Experts to browse or search for keywords, and learn about activities at Virginia Tech related to your areas of interest. Find a potential collaborator, or identify someone to speak at an event or guest lecture. 

The Virginia Tech Experts profile system will be publicly available Oct. 26, 2021.

Displaying your profile in Virginia Tech Experts allows you to:

  • Share a biography, a research interests summary, and/or a teaching statement

  • Highlight your areas of expertise and interest with keywords or tags 

  • Display your availability to: collaborate, supervise a graduate student, be a panelist, respond to media inquiries, and more 

  • Share and feature selected scholarly and creative works

  • Make full text of your works more immediately accessible via links to publisher sites and open access PDF versions in the VTechWorks university repository 

How to display your profile:

1. Review your information in your Elements profile and lists and update or add as needed. If you haven’t done this before, check out the Getting Started page.

2. Hide items you don’t want to show on your public profile. Set profile items to ‘internal’ or ‘private.’ For scholarly and creative works, or other list items, use the privacy settings to set your relationship privacy setting to ‘internal.’

3. Change your overall profile privacy to ‘public.’

4. Review your public profile on Virginia Tech Experts and adjust as needed.

Access Virginia Tech Experts and Learn more about it via this guide

The Virginia Tech Experts profiles will be live for global public access on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Until then, access to Virginia Tech Experts is limited to those on a Virginia Tech campus network, or via the Virginia Tech Virtual Private Network.

Faculty and graduate students are automatically added to the Elements system and can go into the system to review and update their internal profile and make their profile public on Virginia Tech Experts. If you are staff at Virginia Tech and would like to have a profile, let us know!

Contact for help or more information about Virginia Tech Experts.

Training: Look for scheduled Workshops to set up your Virginia Tech Experts profile via the Professional Development Network (‘Enroll’) or via Library Events, or reach out to set up a custom workshop for your area.


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