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Transdisciplinary Learning: Integrating STEM and Non-STEM Disciplines Conference announced

From: Office of Learning Systems Innovation and Effectiveness

Virginia Tech will host the innaugural Transdisciplinary Learning: Integrating STEM and Non-STEM Disciplines Conference from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. March 26 at the Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center.

The conference is designed to highlight work related to the 4VA initiative and will feature sessions that are focused on curriculum efforts and opportunities to bring STEM and non-STEM students together for experiences that allow for the development of complex thinking and hands-on problem solving. There will be highlights from faculty who are working across disciplinary boundaries on a curriculum to advance data-driven decision making and discussions on how this effort is unique as a result of being led by the College of Liberal Art and Human Sciences.

Other sessions will focus on preparing STEM undergraduates for careers in complex decision making through a graduate certificate focused on policy and ethical implications of technical advancements. Faculty leading a K12 STEM pathway discussion across the state will discuss larger project goals and advancements made to date on this work. Additional sessions will focus on how to support faculty teaching in transdisciplinary contexts and how to facilitate university and department support for these practices. These efforts are closely aligned with the university’s Destination Area initiative and supported by 4VA.

Conference participants will have an opportunity to engage with other educators from across Virginia on strategies for implementing transdisciplinary learning, and explore partnership opportunities for collaborative teaching and/or scholarship around teaching STEM for non-STEM majors.

Registration is open through Feb. 26 and is available to all members of the Virginia Tech community and interested faculty and administrators from participating 4VA institutions.

For more infromation, visit the conference website or contact Carla Bringas in the Office of Learning Systems Innovation and Effectiveness.

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