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A statement on grading from Executive Vice President and Provost Cyril Clarke

From: Executive Vice President and Provost Cyril Clarke

In an effort to mitigate the negative impacts on student GPAs and academic progress at this late point in the semester, Virginia Tech will adhere to its decision not to offer an alternative grading system for students for fall 2020. This decision ensures the university can maintain academic rigor and preserve the strength, integrity, and value of a Virginia Tech degree.

To assist students experiencing course performance and/or completion challenges, the university has extended the fall semester course drop date to Dec. 9, 2020 at midnight. Registration will reopen on Thursday, Nov. 19 and will remain open until Dec. 9 for course drop. Students may choose to drop a course rather than use the W grade policy which creates equitable support for those who have already exhausted their use of the W grade. Students who have already chosen to use the W grade this semester will be allowed to drop the course as an alternative. If students are unable to finish work at the end of term due to health or other extenuating circumstances, they may request the instructor assign an incomplete, allowing course requirements to be completed over an extended time, as arranged with the faculty member.

Students are encouraged to continue to work closely with their faculty and academic advisors to make informed decisions that will allow them to be successful and progress toward degree completion.


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