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Electronic signature, paperless forms options available for departments and individual users

From: Division of Information Technology

To help enable paperless processes and remote collaboration, Virginia Tech offers the DocuSign eSignature platform for faculty and staff. In addition to digital signature services, DocuSign provides secure document tracking and storage for completed transactions as well as enterprise collaboration tools including templates and embedded document signing using PowerForms. 

Currently employed faculty and staff can access the DocuSign platform at no additional cost. There are two ways to access:

  • Departmental Access - This account level is helpful for multiple users in an organization that might share the same or similar documents. Departmental accounts can access templates and enable DocuSign PowerForms. These features reduce duplication of effort for commonly used documents or forms, and allow for the creation of self-service documents. Since these accounts are multi-user, an individual from your organization will act as an administrator on the departmental account to delegate internal user access and privileges.
  • Individual Access - Individual account users share a single DocuSign account with other individual users. Templates and PowerForms are not available, as individual access is intended for simpler tasks, limited mainly to the sending and digital signing of documents.

To request access, please submit a DocuSign account request at Additional information and links to instructional videos are available on the ITPALS DocuSign page.


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