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New Zoom features require users to update software

From: Division of Information Technology

Zoom continuously improves its software by adding new features and security settings. However, many users are missing out on the latest features because their software is out of date. Updating to the most recent version of Zoom gives users access to the latest features including the ability to 

Plus, when all users have the most recent software installed, they experience enhanced collaboration and interaction within meetings and webinars.

Beginning the week of Aug. 16, Zoom users will be required to update outdated software before their next Zoom session can be initiated. Starting on Nov. 1, 2021, Zoom will begin prompting users to update their software if they fall more than nine months behind the latest software release. Update today to access the newest features and avoid meeting delays.

Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies, a unit of the Division of Information Technology, is the service provider for Zoom at Virginia Tech. For assistance with updating software, contact

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