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Required Pulse Secure VPN software update

From: Division of Information Technology

Pulse Secure, Virginia Tech’s virtual private network client (VPN), is going to be updated by Network Infrastructure & Services. A new version of the Pulse software will be released on Nov. 18, 2022; the update is optional until Friday, Feb. 17, 2023, when updating the software will be required in order to continue using the VPN service.

Starting Friday, Nov. 18, users will be prompted to install the new client software each time they use the VPN, and should do so as soon as possible. When prompted to update, click “Proceed” which will take you to the next window. Clicking “Upgrade” will start the update process. If you do not wish to update at this time, click “Cancel.” Some users will need to contact IT staff in their department to perform the update. Again, this update will no longer be optional after Friday, February 17th, 2023. You will be required to update to use the VPN beyond this date.

For Linux users, and for other users that have a problem with the automatic upgrade, an installer package is available at Download and Install Pulse Secure Clients.

More information about the upgrade can be found here: Pulse Secure Client Upgrade 9.1R15 FAQ

If you have any questions, please visit or call 540-231-HELP (4357).


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