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Analysis of current Google Workspace for Education service and storage usage now available

From: Division of Information Technology

In February 2021, Google announced major changes to Google Workspace for Education, including a shift from a no-cost, unlimited storage model to a shared-pool limited storage model. 

In anticipation of these changes, the Division of Information Technology, which is responsible for the administration of Google services at Virginia Tech, initiated the Google Workspace Program to examine, analyze, and make recommendations for Virginia Tech’s future use of Google services. 

“Project 1” of this program, which aimed to determine Virginia Tech’s current state of use of Google services and storage, is now complete. The Project 1 Working Group has published a final report of its findings. This report 

  • provides a comprehensive overview of user activity and storage usage across core constituent groups including employees, students, alumni, and retirees, and;

  • identifies several ineligible uses of Google services that require clean up, including users lacking required university affiliations, Google Auxiliary Email (GAE) accounts managed by non-employees, and Shared Drives managed by non-VT users. 

With Project 1 complete, the next phase of the Google Workspace Program, "Project 2: VT Google Service Decisions," will move forward, focusing on the following objectives:

  • To perform a clean-up of ineligible and non-VT managed accounts identified in Project 1 

  • To evaluate the VT Google service changes required to align with Google’s new licensing model

  • To determine constituency impacts and alternate storage options where needed

  • To recommend to the Program Sponsor, Scott Midkiff, how the university should address VT Google services moving forward

Project 2 is scheduled to be completed in November 2021.  

For more information about Google’s planned changes to Google Workspace for Education and the Google Workspace Program at Virginia Tech, visit the Google Workspace Program website

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