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Update on the Google Workspace Program

Storage limit enforcement delayed until July 2024; Virginia Tech's service decision expected toward the end of 2022.

From: Division of Information Technology

In February 2021, Google announced licensing changes to its Google Workspace for Education program. Most significant among these changes is that Google is ending unlimited storage and shifting to a fee-based storage model for its customers, including Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech formed the Google Workspace Program (GWP) in May 2021 in response to this announcement. Led by a committee including faculty, staff, undergraduate, and graduate students from across the university, the GWP serves to examine, analyze, and make recommendations for Virginia Tech’s use of Google services once Google enforces storage limits.

As of May 2022, the GWP had completed several projects, including a thorough assessment of the current state of Google services and storage and an initial evaluation of how our community is using Google services. Detailed project reports, as well as the latest updates on ongoing projects, are available on the Google Workspace Program website. Key outcomes to date include:

  • Negotiated support for an Internet2 contract which delays Google’s enforcement of storage limits until July 1, 2024. 

  • The high likelihood that a service decision will be made toward the end of 2022. This decision will be communicated to the university community well ahead of the implementation of any service changes. 

The GWP continues to analyze usage of Google products and services at the university and evaluate the different storage options available. While users do not need to take any action at this time, it is recommended that users consider their storage needs ahead of Google’s enforcement of storage limits in 2024.

We will continue to provide updates to keep the university community informed about the progress of the Google Workspace Program. If you have questions about the program, please visit the program’s frequently asked questions page or submit a ticket to 4Help; your question will be directed to the GWP team.

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