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Amazon Web Services accounts moving to direct contract with Amazon

The Division of IT’s Collaborative Computing Solutions unit will work with account holders to migrate accounts ahead of this change.

From: Division of Information Technology

Virginia Tech is moving its contract for Amazon Web Services (AWS) from DLT, a value-added reseller, to a direct contract with AWS made available through the Texas-based Department of Information Resources (DIR).  All AWS account holders should take note of the specifics of this change, and actions required prior to the Dec. 20 changeover.

Highlights to contract changes include the following: 

  • Direct enterprise-level support. We will no longer utilize DLT support for AWS related issues.
  • Overhead charge for AWS services is eliminated. Users will receive up to a 3% discount on listed costs for AWS services.
  • Virginia Tech gains additional features for our AWS environment to allow users to better manage AWS services at an organization level, including
    • Ability to view financial details directly through the AWS billing console; 
    • Access to your own exclusive account credits; and
    • Option to take advantage of AWS savings plans (submit a 4Help ticket to Collaborative Computing Solutions (CCS) if interested).
  • CCS will be able to support HIPAA workloads and data compliance requirements
  • Users will have the Data Egress Waiver (DEW) applied to their account by default. Please submit a 4Help ticket to CCS indicating if your AWS workload disqualifies you from the DEW or you use an AWS region outside of the United States.
  • Users will no longer have access to AWS services that are not covered under the new contract. To see which AWS services are offered under the new contract and may be used at Virginia Tech, please refer to the Texas DIR contract page.
  • Virginia Tech will no longer be able to use CloudCheckr, as it is a service provided through DLT. Users will lose access to the CloudCheckr service upon account migration.

The Division of IT will continue to manage consolidated billing and invoicing through Information Technology Procurement and Licensing Solutions (ITPALS) and brokering of cloud accounts and services through CCS.

What to do if you have an AWS account

If CCS currently manages your AWS account (i.e., we maintain the root account), we will migrate your account for you. We will work with each account holder individually to schedule a time that works best for you to complete the migration.

If CCS does not manage your AWS account, please open a 4Help ticket, with a request for CCS to schedule your migration as soon as possible to avoid losing your account when the contract with DLT ends. As part of the migration process, CCS will take on the management of your account, so that it is no longer managed by DLT. Please note that on Dec. 20, 2021, any Virginia Tech AWS accounts that CCS does not manage will be shut down by DLT. 

New AWS account requests can be made through the IT Service Catalog. For questions about the AWS contract change, or for general IT support, please visit or call the Help Desk at 540-231-4357.

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