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COVID-19 vaccine update for employees: Week of Feb. 21

From: Human Resources

Please see the following COVID-19 vaccine updates.

Updated VDH pre-registration guidance:

All health districts in Virginia continue to vaccinate people in group 1b, which includes:

  • Frontline essential workers.
  • People aged 65 years and older.
  • People aged 16 through 64 years with a high-risk medical condition or disability that increases their risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

While Virginia Tech is continuing to work with the New River Health District (NRHD) and local health districts across the state to register group 1b employees for vaccines, the NRHD is now recommending that individuals in their district also register themselves through the statewide pre-registration system.

Previously, the NRHD had recommended that only individuals who were aged 65 and up or aged 16 to 64 with an underlying health condition register individually.

Additionally, Virginia Tech recommends that employees in other university locations outside of Blacksburg pre-register themselves through the statewide pre-registration system.

Checking vaccine pre-registration:

Individuals who have previously filled out a survey or form or signed up to be vaccinated through their local health district have been imported into the new statewide system; however, the VDH recommends checking the statewide system for your information. If you are already registered, the prompt will say “user is registered.” If, for some reason your information is not found, please complete the pre-registration form again. Individuals will maintain their current status of group 1a, 1b, 1c, or general population in the queue.

Vaccines for other Virginia Tech employees and students:

After vaccines for group 1b are completed, the VDH will move to group 1c, which includes other Virginia Tech faculty and staff as well as non-student wage, student wage, and graduate assistants who work for the university in some capacity, unless specifically excluded by the VDH. Virginia Tech will communicate information about group 1c vaccinations once we know more.

All other students, unless they qualify for one of the priority groups, will be vaccinated as part of the general population.

Following good health guidelines is still critical:

Whether someone has been fully vaccinated or not, it is still critical that everyone – employees and students alike – stay vigilant and adhere to the university and public health guidelines to continue reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Protecting our community requires the commitment of everyone. Remember the three Cs and the M:

  • Avoid Close contact situations. Maintain distance from other people. Six feet doesn’t mark a magic barrier, but the particles do dilute with distance.
  • Avoid Crowds. Being in a large crowd will increase the chance that you will be around someone infected with the virus and that the virus will spread to others.
  • Avoid Closed, poorly ventilated spaces. Imagine a cigarette smoker being in the same space as you. Will you take in any smoke?
  • Wear Masks.

Current guidelines continue to state that even once an individual receives a vaccine, they should continue following these guidelines for the safety of our community until restrictions can be further relaxed or lifted.


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