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COVID-19 vaccine now available to those 65 years and older

Editor's note: This notice was distributed via email to all Virginia Tech employees ages 65 and older.

From: Human Resources

The New River Valley Health District has announced that COVID-19 vaccine distribution has expanded to people classified in the 1b group. This group includes people who are 65 years of age or older.

As an employee of Virginia Tech our records indicate, based on the date of birth you provided to the university, that your age qualifies you as part of the 1b group.

In partnership with the New River Health District, Virginia Tech is notifying you of this opportunity. You will need to pre-register to receive a vaccine by going to and clicking on the COVID-19 vaccine information banner at the top of the webpage.

Please note, by completing this form, you are pre-registering to receive your vaccine in the New River Valley. We recognize not all employees in this group may be close enough to the NRV to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you live in Virginia, but outside of the New River Valley, you may submit this pre-registration form to the Virginia Department of Health. Once this form is completed, you must wait to receive a phone call from the local health district to schedule an appointment for a vaccine.

If you live outside of Virginia, vaccine distribution varies state by state; contact your local health department for more information.

Residents of Virginia can visit this page for the latest COVID-19 vaccine information, frequently asked questions, and more from the Virginia Department of Health. If you have additional questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, contact the Virginia Department of Health hotline at 877-ASK-VDH3 (877-275-8343).

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