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Virginia Tech invests in pay supplement for certain staff employees

From: Human Resources

In March 2019, Virginia Tech announced the implementation of a $500 pay supplement to be issued to eligible university staff employees with an annual salary of $35,500 or less.

This taxable supplement, which was announced in conjunction with a pay increase that took effect in July 2019, was first paid out in January 2020.

Based on previous input from the university’s Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and other campus groups, and with continued executive support, the supplement will be issued again for 2021 on Jan. 16 to more than 900 staff members making $35,500 or less.

The total investment by Virginia Tech for the 2021 pay supplement, which is intended to help defray employment costs such as parking or childcare, is approximately $450,000.

The pay supplement is part of the university’s ongoing efforts to address employee concerns about pay and create a culture of excellence throughout the organization.

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