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Message from Bryan Garey: 'Thank you for completing the campus climate survey'

To the Virginia Tech community,

Thank you to all of the employees who shared their feedback with us through the campus climate survey. Nearly 3,400 faculty and staff completed the survey.

Your participation is appreciated and will help the university develop strategies and make informed decisions that will improve our climate, including our efforts around diversity, inclusion, leadership, work environment, and job satisfaction. 

In the coming months, a comprehensive report of the collected data will be shared with university leaders and with all employees through the daily email.  

As a reminder, any information received from the survey is confidential and will be protected. Employee data is not part of the survey, only responses to the questions. Names and identifiers are removed, and only aggregated data will be reported out.

Thanks again to those who participated to help us better understand university climate perceptions. Your input will help make Virginia Tech a better place to work, study, and serve.


Bryan Garey
Vice President for Human Resources

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