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Caregiving continues to be a challenge for families across campus. Virginia Tech is committed to helping families and provides a number of options for families.

Alternative work options and finding balance

Telework and flexible or alternative scheduling are ways to alleviate some of the concerns around childcare. During COVID-19, university leaders have encouraged flexibility with regard to childcare and eldercare for employees who telework.

Recognizing that some work can only be done on-site, university leaders also support the use of appropriate flexible scheduling and alternative work options for employees where remote work or telework is an option.

Communication between an employee and their manager is vital to helping employees who feel stressed or overwhelmed with their responsibilities. These flexible work arrangements deserve discussion that will lead to an agreement that meets the needs of the team and the employee.

Full-time employees also have leave options that they may be able to use. If you have questions about leave, contact the HR Leave Team at

Child Development Center for Learning and Research (CDCLR)

Since nearly 1940, Virginia Tech’s Child Development Center for Learning and Research (CDCLR) within the Department of Human Development and Family Science in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences has played an integral role in shaping the university’s childhood education narrative. Nationally accredited, the CDCLR provides a model preschool program for children and their families rooted in child development theory, research and developmentally appropriate practice. All children of Virginia Tech employees qualify to attend the CDCLR.

Hokie Wellness

Hokie Wellness offers family care resources where employees can:

  • Search databases for childcare options and eldercare resources.
  • Find part-time help through their student list. To request the list, email Hokie Wellness at
  • Tap into services such as the Employee Assistance Program, a free resource for employees enrolled in a health care plan that provides a wide variety of caregiving services.
  • Manages the Rainbow Riders collaboration and priority list for Virginia Tech.


Virginia Tech continues to partner with KinderCare to expand high quality childcare offerings in the New River Valley.

Rainbow Riders Childcare Center Partnership

Virginia Tech has collaborated with the nationally accredited Rainbow Riders Childcare Center to offer employees access to high quality childcare in Blacksburg. Rainbow Riders currently has three childcare facilities in Blacksburg.  Hokie Wellness works with Rainbow Riders to provide priority slots for all three local Rainbow Riders for children of Virginia Tech employees and graduate students. Contact Hokie Wellness for more information.

Virginia Tech Graduate School Resources

The Graduate School provides these resources to help parents:

  • Little Hokie Hangout Cooperative Play Group: Operating under tight COVID control methods that have so far been successful, Little Hokie Hangout is now accepting summer applications.
  • Parent Support Group: While the parent group has not been permitted to meet in person, they have held Zoom meetings with different focuses.
  • Work-Life Grant: Since 2003, the Graduate School, in collaboration with the College Deans and the Provost, has established a Work-Life Grant Program to provide temporary financial assistance to departments to enable them to continue support for graduate students during pregnancy and childbirth. Since its inception, the program has been broadened to include male students as well, so they can take parenting leave. The program also is available to students who are adopting children. Students interested in receiving a work-life grant should contact their advisor or the graduate program director for their department.

Women’s Center at Virginia Tech Caregiving Support

Some of the Women’s Center’s caregiving resources include those located on the Caregiving Support page of their website. This includes caregiver check-ins, the Working Parents Listserve, and additional resources.

Watch for ongoing updates from Virginia Tech about caregiving resources and options.

Visit the Employee Wellness at Home site for more information on virtual workshops, connection sessions, and other wellness resources. Learn more about how we can be Better Together at Virginia Tech.

Hokie Wellness serves Virginia Tech to foster a healthier community by providing prevention services, education, outreach, and resources to employees and students. If you have questions, need assistance, or want to join the Hokie Wellness Google group to stay up to date with monthly updates, contact the team at

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