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D.C. area COVID-19 testing information for 2022 spring semester

Beginning Tuesday, Jan. 18, Virginia Tech employees and students in the greater Washington, D.C., metro area will have weekly access to take-home COVID-19 test kits for the 2022 spring semester

Test kits are available to those subject to the mandatory testing requirement, as well as those who want to test voluntarily. Mandatory test takers will be provided additional information on testing week guidelines in order to be in compliance. If you have symptoms, do not come in; stay home and contact your health provider. 

Register to reserve a time to pick up a take-home testing kit. Times and dates may vary each week. The kits will be available for pick-up from two locations, the Northern Virginia Center in Falls Church and the Virginia Tech Research Center - Arlington.

Regardless of when you pick up your take-home test, you will need to collect your sample on either Monday or Tuesday and ship it the same day. Detailed instructions are included in the kit and are summarized here: 

  • Under section 1 (Choose Appointment) click on a location and then select an available time. Continue to steps 2 (Your Information) and 3 (Confirmation).
  • Pick up your test from your chosen location as scheduled. You will need to show ID, and your name will be recorded. Hokie Passport is preferred, but another government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or passport is acceptable.
  • Please note that you might pick up your test on a different day than when you collect your sample.
  • Preferred locations are your home, office, or car. You can also administer the self-test outside, or in the building, where you can be far away from other people.
  • Carefully complete the included forms and follow the sampling instructions included with the test kit.
  • You must collect the sample AND ship it on either Monday or Tuesday.
  • A prepaid UPS shipping label is included in the kit to send your sample to the testing company. Carefully follow the shipping instructions included with the test kit. Individuals are responsible for sending/dropping off at a UPS site (see UPS's Location Finder here).
  • Tests will be processed by the testing company, and the results will be communicated to the university by Friday. Negative test results will be communicated by email only. Positive results will be communicated by either EH&S (for employees) or Schiffert Health (for students) using a combination of email and phone.

There is a limit of one test kit per week, per person. You must pick up your own test kit.

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