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Working group on curricular approval process releases report

From: Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, President’s Committee on Governance

As part of the university’s commitment to shared governance and communication of progress and outcomes to constituent groups, the working group on curricular approval processes has released a report that evaluates current curricular approval processes and suggest changes that would reduce approval times while maintaining the overall quality of proposals.

The working group developed the report through focused discussion and analyses of the following:

  • Perceptions of the nature of the university’s system, both its positive and challenging features.
  • Elements of course and program proposals (new minor, major, or degree, discontinued minor, major, or degree, etc.).
  • The appropriate number of times these elements would be reviewed by a committee or administrative office.
  • The committee structure that would best accomplish these reviews.
  • The pros and cons of eliminating multiple discussions about the formatting of proposals and their adherence to Office of the Registrar guidelines.
  • The system of communication that would help inform the appropriate parties about the existence and progress of proposals, especially early in the process of developing program proposals, among other topics.

The report presents the working group’s findings and recommendations, and includes the following sections:

  • Current and recommended stages of proposal review and approval.
  • Rationale for the recommended changes to the stages of proposal review and approval.
  • Proposal overlap and recommended communication changes.
  • Additional recommendations.
  • Full list of recommendations.
  • Table of recommended stages of proposal review and approval.

The complete report and its recommendations are available on the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost website.

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