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Squires and Media Annex lots parking changes; double-check signage when parking

From: Virginia Tech Transportation Services

Effective immediately and in response to university member feedback, Virginia Tech Transportation Services has implemented the following parking changes in the Squires and Media Annex parking lots. All updates will be marked by new signage in the lots.

Permits of similar kinds will be grouped more closely together and new Graduate permit spaces are now in place close to the Graduate Life Center.

Please refer to the map below for a visual depiction of these changes.

Squires Lot:

  • Four-out-of-five rows of parking beginning parallel to College Avenue (outlined in red) will be reserved for Faculty/Staff permit parking.
  • The last row, located parallel and closest to the Media Annex building (outlined in yellow), will be reserved for Graduate permit parking.
  • The EV charging station and metered spaces will remain in place perpendicular to College Avenue.

Media Annex Lot:

  • The two rows of parking closest and parallel to Roanoke Street (outlined in teal) will be reserved for Commuter and Graduate parking.
  • The remaining portion of parking spaces will be reserved for Faculty/Staff permits.
Map depicting squires and media annex lots parking updates
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