From: Transportation Services

To accommodate the increased volume of vehicular traffic on campus, the following parking and traffic changes will be in place for the Saturday, Nov. 26, Hokies Football game against the University of Virginia. Vehicles must be removed from these lots and roads or be subject to towing.

Friday, Nov. 18

Students leaving the Blacksburg campus for the Thanksgiving holiday should park their vehicles in accordance with the football parking modifications. Resident student permit holders should move vehicles toward the center spaces of the Duck Pond Lot (the Cage) or be subject to towing.

Friday, Nov. 25

The following lots and roads will be restricted to no additional parking after 2:00 p.m. All vehicles must be removed from these lots and roads by 2:10 p.m.:

  • Litton–Reaves/Wallace Hall Lots (located off Washington Street and Duck Pond Drive)
  • Coliseum Lot (located off Washington Street and Beamer Way)
  • Track/Field House Lot (on Beamer Way)
  • Veterinary Medicine Lot (north side only)
  • Health and Safety Lot (located off Beamer Way)
  • Food Sciences Lot
  • Maintenance Lot (located off Southgate Drive)
  • Engel/Cheatham Hall Lot
  • Price Hall Lot
  • Davidson Hall Lot
  • Smithfield Lot (located off Smithfield Road)
  • Architecture Annex–Media Lot
  • Lower Stanger Lot
  • Rec Field Lot (off Beamer Way)
  • Wright House Lot
  • Hahn Lot
  • Duck Pond Drive Lot (the Cage) only the commuter/graduate interior section at the south end of the lot near Vet-Med
  • Beamer Way
  • Duck Pond – Overflow Lot (located off Oak Lane)
  • Hahn Hurst Lot and the Basketball Extension Lot
  • VTES/University Library Storage Facility lots
  • Squires Lot
  • Ag. Quad Lot
  • Parking Services Lot
  • Washington Street

Commuter, graduate, and resident student vehicles parked along the outside perimeter of the Duck Pond Road Lot (the Cage) must be relocated by 2 p.m. All resident student vehicles must be removed from the Chicken Hill Parking Lot by 2:10 p.m.

Resident students may park in the Resident section of Duck Pond Drive Lot (the Cage) interior spaces only. The perimeter of the lot is reserved for RVs.

Vehicles that park in the North Academic District areas will need to be moved back into a resident lot by 7 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 28 to avoid being ticketed. 

As part of efforts to increase ease of game day parking, a limited number of parking spaces in the Perry Street and North End Center Garages will be available for pre-sale for each upcoming football game at a rate of $25 per space through ParkMobile, the official vendor for parking sales. Parking space pre-sale is available online.

For more information contact Parking Services at (540) 231-3200

Map: On gamedays, resident students (R permit holders) should park in the interior spaces in the Duck Pond Drive (the Cage) Lot - highlighted in dark green - to the north and east of the HABBI 1 building if your back is to Duck Pond Drive. Avoid spaces along the fences and sidewalks in the lot which are reserved for RV parking.
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