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Plan now to use your annual leave

From: Human Resources

It’s important to take time away from work for your mental health and wellness, so we encourage all employees to plan ahead and schedule time off. The deadline to use annual leave exceeding the maximum carryover balance will be Jan. 9, 2024.

For information on upcoming university holidays, visit the updated holiday and winter closing schedule. Employees will need to cover Dec. 26–29, 2023, with appropriate leave types during the university’s Winter Closing. For example, a full-time employee working eight hours Monday through Friday will need 32 hours of leave for these four days. The most common types of leave used for this period are annual, family personal, and compensatory (holiday comp, overtime comp). Sick and/or family sick leave are not appropriate to use for these days unless you have a documented illness or doctor’s appointment during that time. 

We encourage you to work with your managers or supervisors now to plan ahead and ensure you can use your leave and reduce your annual leave balance before the deadline in January 2024. Additionally, employees with low annual leave balances should plan ahead to ensure ample leave to cover the winter closure.

More information about leave carryover limits for different position classifications is available on the HR Leave website. For more information on Virginia Tech holidays please refer to University Policy No. 4315: Guidelines on Holidays.

If you have questions about leave and leave usage, contact your college or department HR representative or the HR Leave Team at

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