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Participants needed for cleat performance research study

From: Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

The Granata Lab at Virginia Tech is looking for participants in a research study (Protocol IRB# 22-664). This research study aims to determine how performance and pressure forces of the foot are impacted by cleat type and sex assigned at birth. Once consented, participants will complete two short surveys and a series of agility tasks while wearing American football cleats and soccer cleats.

To collect data, the pedar-x insole system will be used which will be inserted into the cleats to collect pressure force data during each agility task you complete. Participation involves one visit that will last approximately 75 minutes. Eligible participants must be between the ages of 18-30, wear a shoe size of men’s 7-12 (women’s 8.5-13.5), currently play a cleated sport or have played a cleat sport in the last three years , have not had any lower extremity injuries in the last six months that limited physical activity for more than two days, and are not pregnant.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Tyana Scott at

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