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CAP Lab is recruiting infants and mothers for the baby JEDI research study

From: The CAP Lab - Psychology Department

The CAP Lab in the Psychology Department at Virginia Tech is recruiting mothers and their infants for their research study focused on emotion during infancy and toddlerhood. Participation involves six “visits” with us between the time your infant is 6 and 26 months of age. We are recruiting infants who are 6 months of age and who were born full term, with no prenatal or birth complications.

These are 1-hour visits at 6, 10, 14, and 18 months during which your infant will play some emotion games with us, while wearing a little sensor cap to collect brain-wave activity (EEG) and stickers to collect heart rate activity (ECG).  Your infant will sit in a highchair beside you during the visit. You would complete online questionnaires prior to each visit. At 22 and 26 months, there is no sensor cap and the games are big-kid thinking and waiting games, plus online questionnaires.

You will receive $50 cash at each lab visit. Come and be a part of the CAP Lab’s science family! Contact Leslie Patton at (540) 231-2320 or to hear more details.


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