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Applications for the 2022-2023 Professional Development Circles (PDCs) are open

From: Human Resources

The Talent Development team is excited to announce that applications for the 2022-2023 Professional Development Circles (PDCs) are open. Submit your application here by Aug. 17.

Do you have a passion for personal and professional development? Are you ready to pursue your own goals? Do you enjoy brainstorming, collaborating, and problem solving with peers? Are you interested in growing your network across the campus? Then PDCs might be a great program for you.

PDCs are small groups of professionals who share a passion for personal and professional development, and meet regularly to provide insight, support each other, connect and enhance their leadership skills and abilities. 

They are a wonderful opportunity for those who want a more self-directed professional development journey, with feedback from peers and colleagues that help them grow in a supportive environment. Each PDC will be unique and offer many benefits to those who join.

You may be asking, “is this just a group mentorship program?” and the answer is, “no, it isn’t!”

One big advantage over traditional mentorships is that PDCs provide learner flexibility. Talent Development will host an initial orientation meeting in early September. After that, when, how long, and how often each PDC meets is up to respective members. Talent Development will provide discussion guides and resources for the PDCs, but each member can bring or develop their own as well.

Additional reasons to join:

  • Grow through feedback: Each time a PDC meets is an opportunity for members to learn from colleagues. Share progress, address current issues, gain critical insights and knowledge, and plan to improve where needed.
  • Help each other build accountability: Staying motivated can be difficult, but having a partner (or in this case, partners) who help motivate and engage can make an enormous difference in an individual’s professional development journey.
  • Be part of something bigger: Ut Prosim is alive and well in PDCs. Each member benefits and grows from the experience through feedback from colleagues. Shared insights and knowledge will help other leaders develop, grow, and together help make Virginia Tech an even better place to work.

Spots in the Professional Development Circles are limited, and Talent Development will accept applications from now until Aug. 17, so apply soon!

To learn more about PDCs and how to apply, visit the PDCs webpage.

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