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Staff performance evaluations begin Aug. 5

From: Human Resources

This year’s staff annual performance evaluation period is Aug. 5 - Oct. 15, 2022. All staff employees with at least 12 months of employment should have an appraisal completed.

An annual review is an opportunity for employees and supervisors to recognize accomplishments, identify opportunities to build skills, and align individual efforts to the highest level of unit and division goals. Performance and accountability are just as important as they have always been as we explore the frontiers of the future of work. Now is a great time to identify strengths, opportunities, and new ways of collaborating.

To prepare for a review, watch a video and consider the following:

  1. Employees are encouraged to complete an optional self-evaluation. The university’s performance management process focuses on employees and it is critical for them to be engaged in the entire process. Self-evaluations provide employees with an opportunity to showcase their accomplishments and have their opinions heard. The Touchpoint - Team Member Pre or Post Evaluation tool contains a series of questions employees may find helpful to reflect on in preparation.
  2. Review position descriptions. Descriptions should detail role expectations, clarify responsibilities, identify key performance indicators, and explain how roles fit within the broader organization.
  3. Assess progress made toward established goals and competencies. Review notes from feedback and check-in logs to help cite examples of achievement or areas of improvement.
  4. List accomplishments and areas of improvement. Relate back to the position description and use examples where applicable, to demonstrate each point.
  5. Compare supervisor ratings versus employee self-ratings. Supervisors should make notes about alignment and differences to determine final ratings (model, strong, developing, unacceptable). Supervisor comments should reflect evaluation assessments separately from employees.

Use the online performance management tool, available through Hokie SPA, to document employee performance and final ratings. If you need additional support or resources, contact your supervisor, HR representative, or a representative in Employee Relations at 540-231-9331 or Additional information is also available on the Performance Management website.

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