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Participants needed for brain-machine interface neuroscience research study on learning and performance

From: School of Neuroscience

The Neural Dynamic and Neural Engineering lab is looking for participants to play brain-machine interface games for a neuroscience study (IRB # 17-860).

  • In-lab session includes EEG (full cap with eye and chin electrodes), brain-machine interface task of cursor movement via neural signals, taking a nap or sleeping overnight, and recording improvement after sleep. Time commitment is approximately 4.5 hours (afternoon study) or 10 hours (overnight study).
  • Participants randomly assigned to the control group will not need to sleep in the laboratory.
  • Participation restrictions: 18-65 years old with no neurological or sleep disorders, no caffeine or alcohol in 24 hours prior to lab portion.
  • $15 to $30 or 4.5-10 SONA credits will be awarded for participating in the study as well as completing a 15-minute prescreening survey.

If interested, contact the lab for more information:  

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